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Pet Policy

We are happy for you to bring your beloved pet/s into the park. However, for the comfort and safety of all guests we have a strict Pet Policy which must be adhered to.

1.   Maximum of two pets per site.

2.   Pets are to be always kept on a lead in all areas of the park or contained in a closed/fenced area. NO OFF-LEASH AREAS within the park.

3.   Leads are to be no longer than 2m in length and held by a person at all times whilst walking through the park.

4.   Pets are not to be toileted on someone else’s site, nor on common park/garden areas, including infrastructure.

5.   All droppings are to be picked up immediately, bagged and disposed of in general waste bins.

6.   Pets are to remain quiet and not cause any disturbance. Barking, noisy or aggressive dogs will not be tolerated.

7.   Pets are to be supervised at all times, so if you leave the park for whatever reason, you must take your pet with you.

8.   Pets are not permitted in Amenities/Laundry/BBQ/Pool areas.

9.   No pet related items, (bedding/towels etc) are to be washed/dried in washing machines or dryers.

10.  NO VISITORS PETS allowed in the park.

11.   Pet owners are fully responsible for personal injury to both people or animals, or property damage caused by their pet whilst in the park.

Please be advised that if you do not fully comply with these conditions, yourself and/or your pet will be required to leave the park