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Booking Terms & Conditions

When placing an accommodation booking the customer acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:


Bookings are firm upon receipt of a deposit equal to 2 nights accommodation per site/cabin.


Bookings are refundable if cancellation notice is given in writing a minimum of 21 days prior to arrival date, less a $25 administration fee.

Other Information:

Rates for accommodation are structured on a per night basis for the first 2 guests for the specified dates. Extra charges apply for any additional guests.

Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Bookings can be moved without penalty if the revised booking period is available. Customers are entitled to a credit for 12 months.

Once arrived, no refunds are given for early departure.
Patrons staying in cabins will be charged a cleaning fee if cabins are left in an excessively dirty condition and will be charged for any damage to the cabin or its contents.

Camping accommodation, annexe, motor vehicle and possessions must be positioned wholly within the bounds of the site as indicated by the park representative. There is parking available for one vehicle per site.

Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We reserve the right to refuse entry into Hervey Bay Caravan Park, in which case a full refund will be given.

Conditions of Entry

Hervey Bay Caravan Park requires that all patrons of the park follow standards of behaviour to ensure that the security and safety of all people and property is respected.

Those entering the park must:

  • Act in a courteous and respectful manner
  • Leave if directed to do so by Park Management
  • Abide by all reasonable directions given by Park Management
  • Comply with all park guidelines and policies, including our dog policy, pool area rules and the park speed limit of 10km/hour.

Those entering the Park must not:

  • Cause distress or fear to persons
  • Assault, threaten, intimidate or harass anyone
  • Disrupt others or the Park operations
  • Consume alcohol whilst walking through the Park or within the pool area
  • Possess, administer or consume illicit drugs
  • Take photos or other imagery of a person without the person’s consent
  • Leave a minor unattended
  • Display offensive or objectionable material such as pornography, expressions of racial hatred or representations of violence
  • Damage park property or the property of patrons
  • Make excessive noise, including playing loud music (quiet time is between 9pm and 8am)
  • Bring a dog or animal into the Park without permission (no dogs allowed in cabins).

Hervey Bay Caravan Park reserves the right to:

  • Remove a person from the Park who is in breach of its policies
  • Cancel a reservation
  • Resort to public prosecution if the need arises.

Response to Breaching the Conditions of Entry:

The initial response to breaching the conditions will be to alert the offending person to the fact that their behaviour/action is contrary to the conditions of entry. A warning and/or direction may be given.

Failure to comply with any reasonable direction by Park Management to rectify a breach of the conditions may result in the offender being banned from entry and use of Hervey Bay Caravan Park.

In the event of dangerous or unlawful behaviour an immediate ban can be imposed.